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Fieldman Program


Fieldman 5.00


Click here to download the - Fieldman 5.11 Free 30 day evaluation program

Click ’Run or Open’ when the ‘Download’ form opens. Then follow screen instructions.

After the download has completed - Click here to register the program  for the free 30 day trial

Click here for information on Defra’s CSL LIAISON Data module

Click here to view the program changes in the last five years

This is the full program that will run for 30 days. You can enter your farm details and use all the functions provided by the program. After 30 days you will need to purchase a Key number to allow the program to continue. You can use the Purchase page or contact us on 01675 465990

Free telephone support is available in the 30 day evaluation period. Call us on: 01675 465990 or e-mail us at:

Or Click here and register for free web support. The web support site has all the latest manuals, guides and tips for you to view/print.

Download will take
10 minutes on Broadband or less on high speed Broadband.

File release 1 March 2015 File size 280mb.