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LIAISON Data module

We are now able to offer Defra’s Central Science Laboratory’s (CSL) LIAISON pesticide database without the automatic checking.
The LIAISON database has all the pesticides licensed for use in the UK and is updated each month.
You can easily query the LIAISON Data to search for product details and the latest information.

Adding new Spray products is very quick and easy you just select the required product from the LIAISON list, all the Fieldman Farmer required information is automatically entered.

This means you easily meet the stringent requirements for the Environment Agency, Trading Standards, Farm Assurance, HSE, Supermarkets and Cross Compliance audits.

One of the biggest failure points in farm audits is not having the right product name and details. LIAISON Data module helps you make sure ‘your’ product data is correct.

LIAISON Data module works the same as SafeCheck without the automatic checking. You can manually check with one click of the button if you need to.

LIAISON Data without the automatic checking is only 15.00 plus 5.00 admin. fee. This includes the monthly web updates.

If you do your own crop walking the LIAISON Auto SafeCheck module has automatic pesticide auditing. Pesticide products are automatically audit when the are entered. Greatly minimising any mistakes you may make in data entry and planning.

LIAISON Auto SafeCheck with automatic checking is 75.00 a year, includes the monthly updates


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