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Welcome to the Pear Agri web site.

All our Programs can be download for a free 30 day trial, the download pages have more information.
Mapping software is available from our associate company Pear Technology Ltd.

For software support and updates you need to Register then you can LogIn. Evaluation users can also register and LogIn for free support in the 30 day evaluation period.

If you are not registered please click the Register button and fill out the form. You will need the License number for licensed Pear programs. License is displayed on the Home screen under the Oak tree.

Nutrient Planner now released, based on PLANET 3.1 and RB209. Automatic link to Fieldman or standalone. Pear Advisor has this program as standard. Click the Programs button to download a 30 day evaluation copy.

 Pear Agri Software

Fieldman 5.11 crop management software

Advisor 7 includes PLANET 3 with full Grassland calculations 
Pear Adviser 7, Fieldman 5.11 and Contractor 4 now have automatic file data transfer.

Contractor 4. Comprehensive spray records plus general operations and invoicing.
Contractor 4 Lite. All operations and invoicing.

FERA LIAISON Data. DEFRA’s pesticide database is included as standard in Fieldman

.All Fieldman programs now have Patchwork BlackBox integration

Registered users can quickly update their program to the latest version and access the latest user guides and tips.

Trial software
They are full working programs with a trial runtime period. You can enter your own data to evaluate the program. .
You do not need to register and LogIn to download an evaluation program.