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Enter your User Name and Password to access Pear support. This will give access to the latest updates and technical information.
You have to be a registered user to access the support site. Use the Register button to register if you are not. Evaluation users can log in for the 30 day evaluation period.

If you have forgotten your User Name, Please e-mail us with your name, farm and post code. We will e-mail back the details.
Forgot your password use - Get Password - button. When you first register you will receive an e-mail with User name and Password. File it for future reference.

If you have just ‘Registered’ you may get a message ‘Your Account is Disabled’ please wait to receive your e-mailed validation notification.

Make sure your Pear support is up to date as you may not be able to log on. You will receive the ‘Your Account is Disabled’ message

Yearly support lapsed ring 01675 465990 to purchase/renew support fees


Note: User name and Password are text sensitive.

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